32 Nuggets Of Wisdom

My 32nd birthday is coming up this month and I am honestly having a hard time dealing with it. It has really just hit me this year that I am officially in my 30s. As a way to celebrate or cope with turning 32, I have written below a list of  what I call 32 little nuggets of wisdom that I have gleaned over my short yet eventful lifetime. I hope some of these encourage, challenge, or just brighten up your day a little! Enjoy!!

1.   When God calls us to do something, we need to trust Him and do it! He will come through on His promise!

2.   I really have no idea how I ever made it without my wife! When I know that she believes in me, I feel that I can do anything.

3.   The Atlanta Braves are always going to disappoint me, but I will continue to chop!

4.   Jesus really is sweeter than anything the world could ever offer us!

5.   Politics is important, but ultimately Jesus is the one who is in control no matter who occupies the oval office or who controls congress!

6.   Having a debate with someone on social media may at times be necessary, but will rarely ever change anyone’s mind and often brings out the worst in us.

7.   As Christians we should seek to show compassion regardless of what others may say or do to us.

8.   It doesn’t get much better than a tomato sandwich with mayo and plenty of pepper!

9.   Outside of my relationship with Jesus, nothing matters more to me than being with my beautiful wife and children! They are my world!

10. Cultural Christianity is the biggest hindrance to the church today, not the outside world or politics.

11. The gospel must be front and center. We must share it with everyone we can at all costs.

12.  Contrary to what we have always heard, most lost people actually want us to share our faith with them.

13.  The best method for me to ever change the world is by investing in my two children Jaxson and Paitlyn Bradley.

14.  Sometimes a temporary change of vicinity can change our whole perspective on a situation we are dealing with.

15.  After 30 years of life on this planet, I have finally discovered the happiness one can experience in a single cup of coffee.

16.  Dating my wife at least once a week goes a long way as far as the long-term health of our marriage.

17.  Always assume the best about others and never end a relationship based upon gossip or hearsay. Extend the same benefit of the doubt you would want.

18.  Satan is a liar and will deceive us any way that he can. Just because something looks or feels right doesn’t mean that it is right.

19.  “Follow you heart“ is the biggest lie that the enemy uses to manipulate this culture. (Jeremiah 17:9)

20.  The best cure for being down or depressed is encouraging others.

21.  If you have never had sushi, you have never truly lived.

22.  Sometimes the best counter for stress is a good run, good music, or bacon!

23.  Through looking to the beautiful blue sky and my study of Scripture, I have come to the conclusion that God is a Tarheel fan.

24.  Local and foreign missions aren’t at war with each other. A healthy Christian/church focuses on both.

25.  The only thing standing between me and a good night’s rest is the simple sound of a fan.

26.  The American government could assure the safety of its people if they would just simply call Jack Bauer!

27.  Trials in life are essential if we actually want to make strides in our spiritual walk.

28.  My wife doesn’t need me to fix her, but just to listen to her and love her.

29.  We haven’t really accomplished anything if we simply modify the cultures behavior but do not point them to Jesus.

30.  Being kicked by Chuck Norris or scolded by Liam Neeson would both be an equal nightmare come true!

31.  Sound biblical theology is essential but ultimately pointless if not applied to our everyday life.

32.  If I were to pastor the largest, most successful church yet not teach my children about Jesus, I would be a failure.

What did you all think? Any life lessons that anybody else would like to share??