A New Faith Chapter

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It has been a while since I have given an official ministry update, so in a short blog I wanted to let you all know what all God has been doing in our family! Things have changed a great deal since our last update, and I am so excited to fill you in on everything. One thing that hasn’t changed is our heart to follow Jesus step by step daily starting where we are, and to make His name known by living out and sharing the gospel!

New and exciting things have happened recently! Last October we took a leap of faith and I began doing itinerant evangelism full time! It has been quite a ride and God has provided every step of the way. In January we welcomed our third child Judah Asher Bradley into our lives. He has brought us so much joy, and the timing of his arrival (almost a year after Melissa lost her dad) has been such a God thing. This new ministry chapter didn’t come about under the most normal circumstances, but was something that God made clear for us as far as the direction He wanted us to go.

I have known since answering the call to ministry in 2002 that God has called me to preach the gospel, and I have always been passionate about presenting His word in any setting or venue. Also having a pastor’s heart, I have wrestled over the years as to how this calling would work out. I have served in three different churches with one being a church plant but knowing that eventually itinerant evangelism would be the direction I would end up going. Last Summer while traveling and preaching, I was also working a full time job. I actually took this job specifically so I could preach at events on the weekends but still provide for my family as well. The problem was the job was causing me to often have to turn down speaking opportunities. I also saw how this job could potentially be a great career move as far as long-term pay and health benefits. It began to make perfect sense that I would move up the ladder with this company and still preach on the side when I had the chance. However, I kept coming back to this question: What was God calling me to do? Had I been wrong in the years prior? Why did I need to waste the time, energy, and money on a seminary education if this was the direction He was leading me all along? Toward the end of last Summer I was absolutely miserable. Melissa and I began to pray and fast for several weeks asking God specifically to show us what He wanted us to do. I remember driving to work one morning and asking God to make it clear what He wanted me to do. Well God answered my prayer the next week! I received a phone call telling me that I was being laid off from my job, and within two days I received a message from Clayton King Ministries asking me about becoming apart of their itinerant speaking team. Sometimes God’s direction isn’t as obvious but in this case He completely spelled it out for us and we knew what this meant.

I would be lying if I said this transition wasn’t a difficult one. The news about the job was crushing at first and sent us into a time of difficulty that we have never faced, especially knowing we had a child on the way. However, over the next few weeks God began to give us a sense of peace in knowing we were right where He wanted us to be and that He had allowed these circumstances to lead us to a place of faith where we had no choice but to trust Him. We knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was time to take the leap and step into full-time itinerant ministry and God has done nothing by clarify that this is exactly where He wanted us. I have had the opportunity to speak in many different venues since last fall and have seen many students and adults transformed by the gospel. I have been able to encourage pastors (many of them ready to quit) and mentor leaders. This is what God has created and saved me to do! It has also been an absolute pleasure to be part of the team at Clayton King Ministries! Their heart and passion for the gospel and discipleship is exactly where we we are and I am honored to represent them out on the road. Check out the CKM website and see what all God is doing through Crossroads:  www.claytonking.com. You can also check out my page here: http://www.claytonking.com/treybradley

I would love to come speak at your church or event and ask that you would prayerfully consider booking me!

Also here are some ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray for our family as we continue to follow Jesus daily and that we would be faithful
  • Pray that we would be obedient in sharing the gospel in day to day conversations where we are
  • Pray for my upcoming speaking engagements and that many would repent and believe the gospel
  • Pray that God would give us opportunities to encourage pastors and partner with churches for the advancement of the kingdom
  • Pray that God would continue to provide financially as we continue to do what He has called us to do
  • Pray that we would continue to trust God in what He has called us to do and that others would also be inspired to follow even when the circumstances may not make sense at first.


Love you all,

Trey and Melissa