An Anecdote to Discouragement!

Do you ever have days where you are down, discouraged, depressed, or are just burnt out on life? I am not necessarily talking about consistent clinical depression, but just days where we are weary from the responsibilities we are faced with daily. Let’s face it, sometimes life is just hard and we struggle with whether or not to continue in the battle and consider just quitting. Well I have discovered an anecdote to this and it will cheer you up immediately. Grab a notebook and pen because this is some deep theological stuff! Ready? Here comes the solution……….. Love on somebody!!!

Yep you heard that right, take your focus off of yourself and direct that focus onto others around you. I am not trying to minimize the hurt and trials that we all go through sometimes, but often all it takes is a conversation with someone else for me to realize quickly that whatever I am dealing with is often nothing compared to what others around me are facing. When we stoop down to serve others who are hurting, we don’t have time to wallow in our own self-pity because we are too busy being Jesus to this fallen world we live in. This doesn’t make our problems just go away but when God works through us to touch others we are automatically encouraged and we begin to view our troubles through the lens of knowing that we are in God’s hands. If His power is working through us, then surely He is going to see us through whatever trial we are facing.

So if you are down, love on somebody today! Grab a door, be an ear or shoulder, text someone a word of encouragement, use social media to actually edify, pray with somebody, and be Jesus to this culture! You might be surprised with the results!