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Following Jesus When the High is Not There


I love roller-coasters! I enjoy riding them, studying about them, and could spend hours discussing useless facts about them. I also love the feeling of weightlessness, the adrenaline rush and the high you get from riding a roller-coaster. Several years ago I watched a show on the travel channel and apparently I am not alone […]

5 Lies The Enemy Wants Every Teenager To Believe

Your Parents Are Stupid This one is very important to the enemy because if he can convince a teenager to believe this then it will erode their foundation. He desires teens to believe that their parents really just don’t know what they are talking about or they just don’t understand. Some even go as far […]

The Problem is ME!!!

The Problem is ME Excuses abound for why we aren’t where we are supposed to be in our walk with Jesus. We are actually very good at blaming everyone and everything except who is ultimately responsible for our spiritual state. This actually started with Adam and Eve and is seen throughout Scripture. When confronted by […]

5 Lies The Enemy Wants Every Youth Pastor To Believe

I believe that student ministers today are much under-appreciated within the church as a whole. The main reason for this is because most people in the church don’t see what all goes on and how much work goes into the ministry. Many student ministers get merely coined as the “Youth Guy” and are seen as […]

I Believe We Will All Be Surprised!!

We have all been there, and the memory sticks in our brain like a bear to honey. We were prayed up and it all felt spirit led. The words rolled off of our tongue so clearly and we just knew that for sure this time they were going to respond to the life changing gospel […]

32 Nuggets Of Wisdom

My 32nd birthday is coming up this month and I am honestly having a hard time dealing with it. It has really just hit me this year that I am officially in my 30s. As a way to celebrate or cope with turning 32, I have written below a list of  what I call 32 […]

Get In The Game!

I love football! Of all sports it is clearly my favorite. Around June is when I really begin to miss the sport and am ready for it to return. I love how every role plays a part of the game and how one person not doing their part could mess up the whole game. It […]

Is Church Really That Important??

Is going to church really that important? Many joke or often scoff at the idea of going to church and excuses abound for not doing so. Many have been hurt by the church and understandably do not want to have anything to do with it. Others don’t attend a church gathering simply because they know […]

Leader or Follower?

Are you a leader or a follower? I have yet to ever hear someone admit to being a follower(even if they really are) but I have heard many claim that they are not called to be a leader. I used to say the same thing in the past but it was really just an excuse […]

The Small Things

We can’t expect God to bless us in the big things if we aren’t faithful in the little things. Often we want to jump the gun. We claim to want to see God do big things in our lives, but we aren’t even noticing the opportunities all around us. The problem is too often what […]