Cultural Christianity vs. Biblical Christianity Part 2

This is a list that I put together recently that does a compare and contrast of Cultural Christianity vs. Biblical Christianity! Over the next several weeks I will be unpacking each one and discussing the battle we are facing! This is not of course an exhaustive list, but some that have been laid on my heart as of late. Of each of these, which do you lean more toward? 

  • Cultural Christians have it all together and think they are pretty good while noticing the faults of others.
  • Biblical Christians are broken and realize their sin as well as their need for Jesus.
  • Cultural Christians go to church out of habit, family tradition, or to socialize.
  • Biblical Christians go to church to worship and grow in Christ as well as other Christians.
  • Cultural Christians focus more on the way they or someone else is dressed.
  • Biblical Christians focus more on the heart or character.
  • Cultural Christians would say they are religious, go to church, or believe in God.
  • Biblical Christians would say they have a relationship with Christ, or are followers of Christ.
  • Cultural Christians are excited about heaven mostly to unite with family and friends.
  • Biblical Christians are excited about heaven mostly because they will be face to face with Jesus.
  • Cultural Christians separate their faith and life.
  • Biblical Christians would say that faith in Christ is their life.
  • Cultural Christians see God as “The man upstairs” or someone “Watching over us”
  • Biblical Christians see God as their Lord, savior, and friend who they can depend on.
  • Cultural Christians may own a bible or several bibles but never read it unless they are at church.
  • Biblical Christians base their entire life on what the bible says.
  • Cultural Christians may attend church.
  • Biblical Christians realize they are the church.
  • Cultural Christians pray for God to keep them safe.
  •  Biblical Christians pray for God to use them no matter what the cost.
  • Cultural Christians ask what Christianity can do for them.
  • Biblical Christians ask how they can be used to reach the lost most effectively.
  • Cultural Christians get easily bored in a service with a musical style or preaching style they don’t like.
  • Biblical Christians don’t even notice or care because their focus is on God.
  • Cultural Christians would brag on what a good job the band or speaker did at a service.
  • Biblical Christians would brag on how powerful God moved in their midst at a service.
  • Cultural Christians would take God a list of things they want during prayer time.
  • Biblical Christians would take God a blank sheet and ask Him to fill it in during prayer time.
I have to be honest with you all! With many of these, I find myself leaning more toward Cultural Christianity and it makes me sick! What disturbs me even more is how comfortable and apathetic we are toward this issue. We should be disgusted that we have made an idol of the culture that we live in. Cultural Christianity when completely stripped down is basically when the foundation of our life contains our dreams, passions, hobbies, relationships, careers, education, and desires. We then try and fit God somewhere within these things when we have time. Biblical Christianity is God being our foundation and everything else being built upon that foundation. A house can’t function without its foundation and Christ should be ours!