Trey was a part of a special group of guys that went through my Ministry Coaching Network. I was impressed with his humility, Christ like spirit, and strong desire to preach the gospel. He’s a hard worker and loves his family deeply.  I’m proud to call Trey my friend and honored to be on the same team with him.
Clayton King
Clayton King Ministries

Trey is a man of God, called and gifted to communicate the truth effectively. He will serve your ministry with integrity, and deliver a message centered on the Gospel.

Nathan Smith
Evangelist, Speaker, and Author,

Trey Bradley is a genuine man of God who has a passion for investing in students, leaders, and the local church.  He truly seeks God, and not only speaks biblical truth but lives it out. During our Disciple Now Weekend, Trey not only spoke hard truths with love and compassion but also didn’t hesitate to participate in free time and service projects side-by-side with our students.  It is with high honor that I recommend Trey Bradley for any area of ministry. I can guarantee you will be greatly blessed by the heart of this godly servant.

Matthew A. Wilkinson
Pastor of Students
Hopewell Baptist Church
Monroe, NC

It is with absolute confidence and a great respect that I offer my complete endorsement for Trey Bradley who loves our Lord Jesus Christ. I have worked alongside Trey in the heart of Africa on missions, and without a doubt he has a heart for lost and hurting people. He has a tireless work ethic, and his loving, positive attitude is infectious to anyone in the room.

He has shown himself to be honorable, steadfast, and obedient to all that God has called him to accomplish. He is a strong leader, a good listener, and has been the picture of a devoted and loving husband and father to his family. I sincerely hope and pray that God blesses my family and me with the opportunity to serve with Trey and Melissa in ministry for His kingdom again.

Dr. Bruce Price
Senior Pastor
Buffalo Baptist Church,
Blacksburg, SC

Trey Bradley is a young man known for his pure heart and genuine faith. It has been my privilege to stand alongside him on numerous occasions as both a co-laborer and a friend. His genuineness is matched only by his passion for making a difference in the lives of others. It is truly his greatest desire to see the type of life change that only comes through the power of God at work in our world. The dynamic combination of Trey’s gifts and willingness to serve truly creates an environment for this type of lasting impact.

Jason Patterson
Real Life Ministries
Greenville, SC

I started attending Kirby Church in 2003 and 9 months later they called me as their Associate Pastor. I remember when I first got there; there was this young guy who really stood out. He sang in the Praise team, he lead a group of young men who met at the church every Sat. morning to pray, heck he even had this “rasslin ministry”. There was an actual ring in a barn out in the middle a field and him and his buddies would pack people in there and put on this big show and then somehow tie it all into the Gospel Message, LOL. It was AWESOME! The kid was a little goofy but he was on fire for Jesus and if you have yet to figure out who I am talking about, his name was Trey Bradley. I have no doubt that God put this goofy would be wrestler in my life but for one reason and that was to challenge me spiritually and that he did, even though to this day he doesn’t even know it.  Like most (or probably more than most to be honest) my heart and mind are prone to wonder and lose focus. Often in these times God would use a conversation with Trey or about Trey or sometimes just watching and listening to Trey to bring me back into focus. Trey always made the main thing (Jesus) the main thing. It has been a privilege to watch this young man grow up both physically and spiritually. You will not find many if any a more humble, passionate follower of God than Trey Bradley.

Rev. Michael T. Proctor
Hospice Chaplain of Compassus
Gaffney SC

I have known Trey for over 20 years and have watched him grow as a ministry leader, husband, parent, and friend. Trey truly has a heart for reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though I could list many ministry and personal strengths, I thought I would highlight a few:

Preaching/Teaching-Trey is a dynamic communicator of God’s Word and teaches God’s profound truths in an easy to understand way.

Leadership-Trey is one who likes to lead by example.  People will often buy into a leader before they buy into his vision.  Trey is a leader that people can buy into.

The Gospel-Trey has an amazing grasp of the Gospel message and loves to be presented with the opportunity to present the Gospel whenever and wherever possible.

Relationship-Trey understands that Christianity is all about a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  This theme permeates all of his teaching and preaching.

Heart-Trey has one of the best hearts of anyone you could ever meet.  He is faithful, loyal, and trustworthy.  He will bless any ministry/church that allows him the opportunity to pour out his heart.

These are just a few of the reason why I would recommend Trey Bradley for any ministry function in your church or organization.


Timothy Brown
Pastor of Radiant Church
Arden, NC

I have known Trey Bradley for many years, and in that time I have admired and respected his love and total commitment to the Lord and to His Word.  Quite simply, Trey is a leader with a servant’s heart.  In a time when far too many are content in following the course of this world, he walks by faith and strives to live what he preaches.  I have clearly seen God’s hand upon his life, his family, his ministry.  Trey is a wonderful communicator, delivering practical preaching and sound, applicable Bible teaching in an uncompromising, yet creative manner.  His warm, sincere smile and his straightforward, heart-felt message allow Trey to connect with people of all ages.  I encourage you to join him in Kingdom work for the glory of God…

Richard Lancaster
Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church
Spartanburg, SC