Get In The Game!

I love football! Of all sports it is clearly my favorite. Around June is when I really begin to miss the sport and am ready for it to return. I love how every role plays a part of the game and how one person not doing their part could mess up the whole game. It is just a fun sport to watch period.

I recall watching a game a few years ago where a college team was fighting for a possible national championship and was trying to go undefeated. They were playing in a game where their kicker hadn’t missed a field goal in about thirty-five straight kicks; however in this game he missed two. He missed one during regular play and also one in overtime that would have won his team the game. Of course his team went on to lose the game and he was blamed for the loss. Afterward, people flooded his facebook page with anger over his missed kicks. I remember hearing people say how easily they could have made those kicks. The truth is that it’s easy to say how easy something like this is when you are in the comfort of your living room or on the sidelines watching, but when you are actually in the game feeling the pressure to succeed it is a bit different.

I believe that we have many people in the church today who are sideline spectators but not in the game doing what God has called us to do. What’s ironic is that many on the sidelines are criticizing those in the game while they are staying in their comfort zones.  Many just show up to church on Sunday and observe but never get involved, but are quick to point out the mistakes that those involved are making and what they should be doing or not doing. We are not and never were called to be observers but are called to be an active part of the body of Christ. Jesus has commanded all believers to go and make disciples (Matthew 28) so there is a game being played for the kingdom of God and it’s time we get off the sidelines and join in.

I want to invite you today of you are reading this to get in the game! Actively join in on what God is already doing to build His kingdom. In football every player on the field has a major role for the game to work. Every person also has a major role in the body of Christ and God has a specific purpose for you in advancing His kingdom. You may be asking what that role is. Seek Him and He will reveal this to you but one thing I do know is that it is not to be a sideline spectator!