Honoring Those Behind The Scenes

The majority of those used by God to expand His kingdom never get any kind of recognition. So many who are a huge part of the body of Christ are never seen and they really don’t care to be. However, I want to take this opportunity to honor all those who do so much behind the scenes to shine the light of Christ, particularly but not limited to: 

  • Those who clean church buildings
  • Prepare meals
  • Send encouraging cards, emails, & text messages
  • Those who volunteer hours of service to run sound, media, and greet at their church
  • Those who are shoulders for the broken to cry on
  • Those who give sacrificially to feed orphans and widows and see lost souls come to Christ
  • Those who pray daily on behalf of our leaders and pastors
  • Those who unashamedly share Jesus with coworkers and neighbors…. the list goes on!!


Remember that your labor is not in vain and God is honored by your service! Thank-you for all you do. Life is a vapor; we are here one minute and gone the next. Let’s use our time on this side of eternity to let the light of Jesus shine. No part of the body is insignificant so let’s get to work!

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