How I knew She Could Be My Bride!

Today Melissa and I celebrate eight years being married. It has certainly been an adventure together. We have had our share of joy, sorrow, laughter, heartbreak, fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else on this earth. I cannot imagine what my life would be like right now if she weren’t a part of it. I knew from the very beginning of meeting her at North Greenville University at a BSU event that she was someone that I could see myself spending my life with. I believe that there are two essential things that God desires for us to discover. First is to have a personal relationship with Him and second is to be joined with our life’s mate. I wanted to share some ways that I knew that Melissa could be my bride someday even after only knowing her for a short while. These were some things that I noticed about her that caught my eye immediately that I wanted in a spouse. This is of course is besides that fact that she is absolutely gorgeous so that is an obvious one that will not be included in this blog. Here goes:

1.     She had a love and hunger for God and His word. Being a part of a Christian college it wasn’t hard to meet a girl who at least claimed to be a Christian. NGU was a rare place where most people you met were believers. Most could even play the part for a while even if they didn’t love Jesus. However, it was evident upon first meeting Melissa that something was incredibly different about her. She had a hunger and passion for Jesus that was evident in just having a conversation with her. She wasn’t just a “go to church on Sunday then go back to life as usual the rest of the week” kind of girl. She loved Jesus and we could sit and talk about His greatness for hours. It was obvious that God’s hand was on her life. She also loved God’s Word. The first time I ever opened her Bible I could tell pretty quickly that she had been reading it intensely. The entire book from cover to cover had been highlighted, parts were underlined, parts were circled, and there were notes on the side. She didn’t just read God’s Word but had been devouring it. She had a hunger for it. This was something I wanted in a spouse.
2.     I loved the way she would treat other people. I noticed very early on that Melissa had a heart for others. She would always notice those people in a crowded room that most would look over and she made it a point to love on them. She is very observant and would try to make eye contact with everyone in the room while having a conversation even if they weren’t a part of it. She didn’t want them to feel left out so she would include them. To me this was Jesus in so many practical ways that I myself rarely had ever considered. When we would go out to eat she would always ask the server how their day was going and talk to them like they were actual people and not just our slave for the evening. This was something I wanted in a spouse.
3.     She was the complete opposite of me personality wise. Anyone who knows Melissa and me at all knows that we are just a little bit different. I am extremely laid back and she is well, not at all!!! Her bubbly personality had me from the beginning and I love the fact that she is not like me in those areas. While being around her, life was never boring. I loved her complete honesty even when I didn’t want to hear it at first. I loved how she had goals and set out to accomplish them. We also balanced each other out very well and I knew that I needed her audaciousness, vision, zeal, and honesty in my life.
These are obviously not the only areas that I noticed but they were the ones that did leap out at me after first meeting her. I knew that she was someone that I could marry and was someone I could see being the mother of my children one day. Now eight years later I can see that she has been everything I expected and so much more. It turns out that she a woman of many talents and is currently a mommy, writer, speaker, gardener, great cook, and many other things. She has inspired and challenged me in so many areas especially growing in my walk with Jesus. Watching her interact with our children never ceases to amaze me, and I am humbled by everything she has done to help take care of my grandmother in the past few months. Living life is an adventure and at times will throw a curve ball at you, but being able to experience it all with her makes it all worth it. Who knows what we will experience in the next eight years but I am excited about what all is to come and all that matters is we will be together in the process.