I Believe We Will All Be Surprised!!

We have all been there, and the memory sticks in our brain like a bear to honey. We were prayed up and it all felt spirit led. The words rolled off of our tongue so clearly and we just knew that for sure this time they were going to respond to the life changing gospel that had impacted our lives forever. However, they just stared back at us like a deer in headlights and walked away. For some of you they mocked you, laughed, and then walked away. This is of course not even factoring in the times we chickened out of even saying anything. Often times we have felt like such failures. We wonder if only we would have said this or done that, so we beat ourselves up.

Most of this is speculation, but I do believe that we will be surprised at the impact we have had on the kingdom of God when we get to heaven. I don’t think we will ever know on this side of eternity who all we have touched, but I am certain if we did it would blow our minds. It’s the little things that God often uses for His own glory and He even can use our craziest mistakes. So imagine getting to heaven and finding out that:

  • That smile you gave to the Wal-Mart cashier was the only one they received that day and actually pulled them out of a state of depression.
  • The little money you gave at church provided for the gospel to be presented at numerous locations and people came to know Jesus.
  • That person who rejected Jesus when you presented the gospel to them actually did receive Christ later because the conversation you had with them set up a future conversation because you planted a seed.
  • That simple biscuit you gave the homeless person showed them Jesus in such a practical way that they had to check out this faith thing and God began using them to reach people on the streets.

These are just a few examples off of the top of my head, but the point is that God is a Sovereign God and if we would just be obedient to what He is calling us to do daily then we won’t be able to fathom how many lives will be changed as a result. We may never know the complete results of our obedience but we can trust that God is in control. God is a big God and can take our mistakes, mediocrity, and apathy to do things that would blow our minds just because He is that awesome! I am truly confident that we will all be surprised!