Indirect Evangelism

The other day God humbled me once again. He does this often but I was yet again reminded of how far my influence can carry by just being obedient. Our influence goes so much further than we ever realize whether we are speaking life into those around us or just spreading destructive gossip. Anyway, I had felt led all morning to talk to a guy I work with who is constantly flirting with different women yet he is married. I wasn’t going to shove the Bible down his throat or anything but just wanted to start a conversation with him about God and let the spirit lead. I don’t really know him that well so I was praying about how to go about it. On the other hand, there is another guy I work with who definitely is a believer and I have been sharing with him some things about the recent marriage series my wife and I have been speaking on the last couple of weeks. Apparently he was feeling the same conviction that I was as a result of our conversations and he began a conversation with the guy before I could get to him. We never talked about it or anything. This worked out so much better because he has known the guy for years and God used that relationship. They talked for about an hour and discussed marriage and even the gospel. This man heard about Jesus as a result of my obedience and I never said a word to him!

My point is that my influence with the guy who is a Christian led to him witnessing to another guy. We should try and take the gospel to as many people as possible but it goes further than we could ever imagine. How we influence those we come in contact with extends to those they come in contact with. Never underestimate your value and know that God can multiply your obedience. I am just humbled by how God uses us and shows how far our influence goes because of His greatness!

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