Passion 101

Early Christmas morning I rushed with excitement from the tree in the living room to the back door. I had just read a note from inside a box that instructed me to do so. The box had a helmet in it so at the age of ten years old I knew that morning during that seven second dash down the hallway what awaited me outside. I had only been asking for it all year and sure enough when I reached the back door there it was in all of its glory, my very own go cart. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I couldn’t wait to ride it and show it off to my friends. I was passionate about this go cart!

Anyone who meets me knows pretty quickly what all I am passionate about. You don’t have to hang with me long to know that I love anything involving the Tarheels, Braves, or some good food. I am also a roller coaster freak and can recite useless knowledge about various coasters around the world. I actually enjoy studying about them believe it or not. My wife and children are my world and you will know that about me pretty quickly as well. I am curious however if people would know that I love Jesus just from being around me? Am I passionate about my Lord enough that it would come across just from randomly interacting with me?

Anyone who ran into me at the age of ten after that Christmas morning knew about my new go cart. They received an earful about it and knew how excited I was because the truth is we never hide anything that we are really passionate about. When we meet people they are going to know what we are really all about and what drives us whether it be our family, sports, career, job, etc… We will not be able to hide our true desires and passions. So this idea that some people claim to love Jesus but have no desire to share Him with others is absolutely absurd!

The problem in Christian culture today is not a lack of passion, it’s that the passion of many is just directed toward things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. I want my passion to be directed toward the name that is above every name. The name that brings comfort to the hurting, life to the dead, forgiveness to the sinner, purpose to the wasted, hope to the hopeless, and healing to the broken. I want to be passionate about my Lord  and savior Jesus Christ, and I pray that God would strip me of anything else, or any other desire that would ever come before Him in my life! God replace my desires, dreams, passions, with a love and excitement for you that others will notice!

If we truly love Christ, others will notice, because it is simply impossible to hide anything we are passionate about!