The Elephant Room 2

I am super pumped to hear about The Elephant Room 2 coming on January 25, 2012! Here is a link about the event: The Elephant room was a day in which prominent pastors who all have a common love for the gospel gathered together to discuss issues where they disagreed with the goal of sharpening each other! The panel included James Macdonald, Mark Driscoll, Perry Noble, Steven Furtick, David Platt, Matt Chandler, and Greg Laurie. I was unable to see this event live but did purchase the DVD’s and I recommend it to anybody who is in ministry. It is eight sessions of awesome dialogue that every minister should have as a resource. I have watched them about three times and am still learning more within each viewing. I really love how all of these pastors respect each other even though they disagree in many areas (mainly methodology) of ministry. I believe that it sets an example for all of us to follow as we work together to reach people with the gospel.

So having said all of that, one shouldn’t be surprised with my excitement upon hearing of The Elephant Room 2. At this point I am really curious about whom the pastors will be this time. They have already announced that Macdonald and Driscoll will be returning. Driscoll’s humor had me laughing hysterically in the first round and he definitely brings a great deal to the table so I am glad that he will be back. I do hope that we get some new pastors this time however. I love all those guys who were on the first panel, but I feel there are many other pastors out there who could greatly contribute to the discussion. Here are some pastors I would love to see in The Elephant Room 2!
John Piper
Francis Chan
Mark Dever
Rick Warren
Paul Washer
Joshua Harris
Andy Stanley
David Jeremiah
I will keep this blog updated as I hear more information about the event!
In Christ
Trey Bradley