The Problem is ME!!!

The Problem is ME

Excuses abound for why we aren’t where we are supposed to be in our walk with Jesus. We are actually very good at blaming everyone and everything except who is ultimately responsible for our spiritual state. This actually started with Adam and Eve and is seen throughout Scripture. When confronted by God after their sin, Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent. However, ultimately Adam and Eve were the ones responsible for eating the fruit that God commanded them not to eat. Likewise we often blame other people and other things for our shortcomings and not doing what God has called us to do. Here are some examples of where we often direct the blame:

  •            Parents


  • ·         Peers


  • ·         Media


  • ·         Movies


  • ·         Music


  • ·         Teachers


  • ·         Pastors


  • ·         Satan


  • ·         Government


  • ·         Bosses


  • ·         God

While it is true that we do face trials and temptations that challenge our faith, we can’t use these things as excuses for not being obedient to what God has commanded us to do. We will never be effective in the kingdom until we stop blaming and start repenting! Scripture says in Mark 8:34 Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” The first thing we must do when it comes to following Jesus is get ME out of the way! Several of the things listed above can be potential obstacles but ultimately we are the problem. When Jesus said the words “take up your cross,” He made their stomachs turn because they knew the cross at that time was a blood stained instrument of death. His audience knew that He meant that following Him could mean the end of their lives. That meaning still holds true for us today but also means that we are to die to self-daily. Following Jesus is not about our dreams, desires, comfort, popularity, but about God’s glory. That’s why Jesus said that we are to deny ourselves because until we get us out of the way, we will never truly get it and thus will never make an eternal impact on our culture.

So it’s time to accept responsibility for our sin, failures, and apathy! The response is not to be depressed and sulk in our own self-pity, but to repent, turn to Jesus and allow Him to work through us and be the disciples He has called us to be. This cannot happen, however, until we recognize the problem. The problem is ME!!!