The Small Things

We can’t expect God to bless us in the big things if we aren’t faithful in the little things. Often we want to jump the gun. We claim to want to see God do big things in our lives, but we aren’t even noticing the opportunities all around us. The problem is too often what we really want is a pat on the back and to be noticed by others more so than to see Christ glorified and lives changed. That is why God will often deal with our heart and motives to keep them in check. We must arrive at a place where our joy is full in the small things that no one sees, but we don’t care because our desire is for God to be glorified.  I would even argue that these so-called little things aren’t little things at all. They may be small from the perspective of our culture, but nothing that will impact the kingdom is really small.

God has really been showing me lately how He wants me to be content and to have joy in whatever circumstance He places me in. My family and I are at an interesting place in our lives. It is honestly confusing, scary, exciting, and humbling all at the same time. Sometimes I wonder: “God what are you doing,” and I feel like He is showing us that He wants to not only find joy in Him alone but to find joy in every opportunity for ministry that we encounter daily, even the so-called small things.

So if you are reading this maybe God is telling you to be faithful in what He has placed right in front of you for now such as:

Baking a pie for that new neighbor that just moved in to build a relationship with them.

Cutting grass for that elderly person down the street who can’t get around as good anymore.

Students getting over yourselves and going and sitting with that kid who always eats lunch by themselves.

Actually taking the time to get to know that co-worker who gets on your nerves and seeing them through a Christ-like lens.

Mentoring that young person who isn’t mature instead of just complaining about them.

Seeing the person behind the register at Walmart, or your restaurant server as an opportunity to show the love of Christ through a smile, tip, or even sharing the gospel.

We must realize that we are where we are for a reason. We work where we work for a reason. We have the friends we have for a reason. Our geographical status is what it is for a reason. Let’s pray and ask God to use us in the small things where we are and from there He will reveal His overall purpose to us.