Your Ministry Is Now

We often treat ministry like it has to be a planned church function or even something that is reserved for only church leaders. The fact of the matter is that if you are a follower of Jesus YOU ARE a minister right where you are and you don’t have to wait for a church event for God to use you. We are daily given opportunities to share the love of Jesus and they are usually right under our noses. Unfortunately, we are often too consumed or focused on ourselves to notice what is right in front of us.

I had a conversation with a coworker recently that was such a divine appointment. I found out that about twenty years ago he was a missionary in Accra, Ghana, which is where I went in 2010 so I immediately saw that God was orchestrating this conversation. I asked him why he left the mission field and he said that his wife left him and he feels unworthy. He now lives by himself, is so far from God, and feels like damaged goods. He said before our conversation that he hadn’t even thought about that part of his life in years. I had the opportunity to remind him of the grace of God and how He can take anything that is broken and make it beautiful again. I encouraged him to get involved with a church and reminded him how our work place is our current mission field. He was so encouraged and I am overwhelmed by how God works. Pray for him (Kevin) and that he would experience God’s grace like never before.

This opportunity happened by just carrying on a conversation at work and being obedient to the spirit’s leading. You may say: “Trey I could never have the courage to do something like that like you do.” Please understand that I am not some spiritual giant who talks about Jesus constantly without fear. I am often fearful of what others think, I am insecure, and I daily struggle to listen to the spirit’s leading. This is not easy for me, but when I do put aside my insecurities and allow Jesus to work through me, it is so worth it! If God can use me, He can use anybody. Allow Jesus to use you today right where you are! We don’t have to wait!! Our ministry is NOW!!

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