Combat The Enemy With Truth


The enemy always knows how to attack us! He knows our weaknesses and will come after us without hesitation. He often uses our past to try and distract us. It’s amazing to me how I will randomly have memories of past mistakes come out of nowhere and some of these will be as far back […]

Jesus Is The Prize


I have a nephew named Railey, and I will never forget something that happened before Melissa and I had children. I was eating Zaxby’s chicken and suddenly Railey, who was a little over a year old at the time, ran up to me all excited. He had never done this before so I remember thinking […]

Something God Hates

How often does Scripture need to reference something for it to be deemed important? If we truly believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word then the answer would be just once right? That means that even if the Bible just mentioned an issue one time, we should still take notice. Now consider how many […]

3 Vital Ways To Maintain Healthy Friendships


I absolutely love sweet tea. Growing up in the south and living next door to my grandmother, sweet tea was life. I didn’t even realize that unsweetened tea existed until I was older and I will never forget trying it for the first time. My first reaction was “This is horrible; who would actually drink […]

5 Ways To Be More Intentional in 2017

So what is your New Year’s resolution? Maybe you want to be a better spouse or parent. Maybe you are thinking about changing your eating habits. The good news is that because of the grace of God we don’t have to wait until the beginning of a new year to turn things around. The mercies […]

God With Us


Christmas is hands down my favorite time of the year! I love everything about it including the family time, lights, apple cider, movie specials, seeing my kids smile, unhealthy food, and of course that Hershey’s Kisses commercial they have been airing for over twenty years. We have enjoyed these Christmas traditions for many years and […]

Turkeys Who Gave Their Lives


I love food! So obviously when it comes to being thankful, I can’t pass up an opportunity to thank the turkeys who gave their lives so we could eat some good food! Thanksgiving is also a time when we are reminded of all the things we are thankful for as well as the people we […]

Following Jesus When the High is Not There


I love roller-coasters! I enjoy riding them, studying about them, and could spend hours discussing useless facts about them. I also love the feeling of weightlessness, the adrenaline rush and the high you get from riding a roller-coaster. Several years ago I watched a show on the travel channel and apparently I am not alone […]