Christians Are Crazy

Ok for today, my thought process is that Christians are crazy! I know this is the part where I am supposed to explain what I really mean by “crazy” but the title speaks for itself. Those who are genuine followers of Jesus are truly crazy and their decisions often do not make any sense, at least from a worldly perspective. Lets just examine some of the events from Scripture that show the insane decisions of Yahweh followers.


  • Noah actually believed that God was going to send rain that no one including himself had ever seen. He trusted God’s word alone and was ridiculed. Who would do such a crazy thing?
  • Daniel continued to pray beside a window for all to see despite knowing a new law prohibiting such a thing could make him dinner for a hungry den of lions. Who would do such a crazy thing?
  • Many of the disciples left their homes, families, & jobs to follow this Nazarene claiming to be the Son of God. Who would do such a crazy thing?
  • The apostle Paul was a well respected and educated Pharisee and gave all of that up to follow Jesus whom he previously had hated. He became the very thing he once persecuted. He eventually was beheaded because of this Jesus he gave up everything for. Who would do such a crazy thing?
  • Many believers today in some countries are having church underground or in secret risking prison time or even death. Who would do such a crazy thing?

Out of all of these examples we can’t leave out Jesus. He was willing to leave the glory of heaven to come to this earth and walk in the mud. He was also willing to die on a cross and take the punishment for sin upon Himself even though He was without sin. He did this because He wanted to please His father and He loved us that passionately. Who would do such a crazy thing?

Based upon this analysis I have concluded that Christians are truly crazy and I would be honored to have that label placed upon me based on these comparisons. The question we must ask ourselves is would we be found guilty of insanity if tried in court? Would there be enough evidence to convict?