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An Anecdote to Discouragement!

Do you ever have days where you are down, discouraged, depressed, or are just burnt out on life? I am not necessarily talking about consistent clinical depression, but just days where we are weary from the responsibilities we are faced with daily. Let’s face it, sometimes life is just hard and we struggle with whether […]

Stop Labeling and Start Engaging!

I am always in a state of prayer that God would allow me to see Him at work around me and to open up opportunities for me to minister. I believe that God is always working around us if we would just be obedient in recognizing the open doors. There is an older lady that […]

A Father’s Example

February 28, 2007 was a day that changed my life forever. I had become a father and so many things concerning my perspective on life began to change. The first time that I held my son I felt such a variety of emotions, yet what kept permeating in my head was the concept of life […]

Christians Are Crazy

Ok for today, my thought process is that Christians are crazy! I know this is the part where I am supposed to explain what I really mean by “crazy” but the title speaks for itself. Those who are genuine followers of Jesus are truly crazy and their decisions often do not make any sense, at […]

Passion 101

Early Christmas morning I rushed with excitement from the tree in the living room to the back door. I had just read a note from inside a box that instructed me to do so. The box had a helmet in it so at the age of ten years old I knew that morning during that […]

How I knew She Could Be My Bride!


Today Melissa and I celebrate eight years being married. It has certainly been an adventure together. We have had our share of joy, sorrow, laughter, heartbreak, fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else on this earth. I cannot imagine what my life would be like right now if she weren’t a part of […]

The Unstoppable Gospel!

 I have been thinking about the message that was preached recently at Relate Church by Timothy Brown.  We are going through the book of Philippians and the message caused me to start thinking about Paul having joy while in the Roman prison. Paul talked about how his time in prison served as an opportunity for […]

Update: Twist and Turns

One thing that I have learned since I surrendered all to Jesus on January 11, 2002, is that following Him is an adventure! Once we take that step in being sold out to Christ and declare that our life is His completely, we can never predict the way things will turn out. Last summer we […]